Great Christian Revolution

Great Christian Revolution

The Myths of Paganism and Arminianism

"Is the Lord's hand waxed short?"

Many Christians today believe it has. Whenever the church sounds a trumpet this uncertain for the King of Kings, civil rulers have drawn the same conclusion—and acted upon it. This volume documents the critical relationship between faulty theologies and the nations that have staked their destiny on the myths so engendered. Like the prodigal son, modern Christianity is hunger-bitten, consuming mere husks, worshipping the semi-mighty god of Arminianism. When God's people return to the Almighty God of Scripture, the trampling underfoot of Satan will be inevitable.

B. B. Warfield noted that Calvinism represents the Christian religion in its highest and purest form, for Calvinism alone acknowledges the totality of God's kingly prerogatives over every square inch of our world. Calvinism alone does justice to the kingship of Christ, and whenever and wherever Calvinism has been ascendant, the world-altering aspects of the faith have been focused to the point that even "kings shall shut their mouths at Him" (Isaiah 52:13). This volume illustrates these powerful truths from three different perspectives, with each of the authors supplying cumulative weight to the proposition that God rules in the affairs of all men, from the least to the greatest.

A powerfully concatenated argument based on theological and historical considerations, The Great Christian Revolution effectively echoes St. Paul's challenge: "Where is the disputer of the present age?"

A major work on the impact of Reformed thinking on our civilization. Some of the studies, historical and theological, break new ground and provide perspectives previously unknown or neglected.

Table of Contents:


by Martin G. Selbrade
The Myths of Arminianism

by Mark R. Rushdoony
Arminian Theology

by Rousas John Rushdoony
The Great Christian Revolution

by Otto Scott

by John Lofton, Jr.

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