Great Cheese Conspiracy

Great Cheese Conspiracy

A gang of tough New York mice make the Big Time

by Jean Van Leeuwen, Imero Gobbato
Publisher: Yearling
Mass market paperback, 87 pages
Used Price: $3.00 (1 in stock) Condition Policy

Fed up with the slim pickings in their movie-theater home, a gang of three mice, led by Merciless Marvin, decide to hit the Big Time and pull a heist on the Outside.  The Target: a cheese store.  After Marvin cases the joint, the mice figure the job will be a cinch.  But life has a few surprises that Humphrey Bogart movies haven't prepared them for.  Like, for instance, big black cats.

Here is Merciless Marvin's own action-packed account of the perilous exploits, escapades, and escapes of his gang as they attempt to make crime pay.

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