Great American Fighter Pilots of World War II

Great American Fighter Pilots of World War II

Landmark #96
by Robert D. Loomis
Publisher: Random House
©1941, Item: 41167
Hardcover, 208 pages
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During World War II American fighter pilots ranged fiercely and bravely over most of the seas and continents of the world. In their Mustangs, Thunderbolts, Hellcats and Corsairs—those heavily armed killers of the sky—they fought to win and hold control of the air, without which no final victory was possible. Unhesitatingly these American fliers searched out and attacked the enemy whenever he appeared. They escorted our bombers, protected carriers and land bases and—whether alone or skillfully teamed together—they blasted the enemy from the skies.

In Great American Fighter Pilots of World War II, Robert Loomis presents a vivid, sweeping picture of the war fought by our ace fighter pilots from Pearl Harbor to China, from Casablanca to Berlin. As he moves from theater to theater, from service to service, he recounts the thrilling air battles of such famous pilots as Dick Bong, Don Gentile, David McCampbell, Don Gentile, David McCampbell, "Pappy" Boyington and Bob Scott.

Here is an exciting book which pays tribute to the skill and courage of the American fighter pilot, and dramatizes the important part he played in the overall strategy of the world's greatest war.

Foreword by General Robert Lee Scott, Jr.

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