Grass Sandals

Grass Sandals

The Travels of Basho

by Dawnine Spivak, Demi (Illustrator)
Publisher: Atheneum
Trade Paperback, 40 pages
List Price: $13.99 Sale Price: $11.89

This book is a beautiful tribute to Japanese poetry. It relates the journey that Matsuo Basho, a poet who lived during the 17th century, made across Japan. From frogs to cherry blossoms to a friend who gives him grass slippers, Basho writes a poem for everything he sees on his journey. The book also accompanies each haiku with the Japanese term for the subject of the poem. With colored ink illustrations and the original haikus on each page, this book is a beautiful compression of the journal of Matsuo Basho.

Review by Hadley Payne (nee Ayers)
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  Grass Sandals
Josiah E, 8/31/2016
This is an interesting book about an old Chinese man. He goes on long journeys by foot - of course, on grass sandals. So what's keep us? Let's go with him. And hopefully, we can hear some of his poetry. There is four stars from me and I hope from you too once you read it.