Grand Illusions

Grand Illusions

The Legacy of Planned Parenthood

by Dr. George Grant
Publisher: Wolgemuth and Hyatt
Trade Paperback, 355 pages
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Thoroughly researched, carefully written, and comprehensively documented, Grand Illusions has made its mark as the single best-selling volume of all time on Planned Parenthood's role in the controversial matters of abortion and sex education. No other book has so thoroughly surveyed the divisive issues, dominating personalities, legal and judicial precedents, educational and political initiatives, social consequences, and global impact of this organization and the great debates it has engendered worldwide.

"This book is probably Grant's most important work, and it is absolutely unique among all the literature on the pro-life/pro-choice debate. No one interested in the pro-life cause has any business being without Grand Illusions, and no one interested in the pro-choice cause has any business not reading this and trying to refute it (they can't, but if they want to claim even the slightest degree of intellectual honesty, they must try).
Pro-lifers are unarmed without Grand Illusions: no joke."
Rod D. Martin, Amazon review

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