Grammar Songs with CD

Grammar Songs with CD

Audio Memory CDs
by Kathy Troxel
Publisher: Audio Memory
Mixed Media
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This is a music-based kit which is generally recommended for grades 3-8. It is also enjoyed by older and younger students. The songs were written by a 10th grade English teacher who has tested them in all grades from 1 to 10. It is designed to teach students the parts of speech, the basic rules of grammar and punctuation and vocabulary. Definitions and rules are taught through catchy songs which are highly effective memory aids.

The sixteen songs cover verbs, nouns, sentences, pronouns, compound personal pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, apostrophes, prepositions, direct objects, capitalization, plurals, irregular verbs, commas, quotation marks, and 72 Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes. The exercises teach basic sentence structure and the application of the memorized rules and definitions.

The kit contains:

  • A long-playing CD with 15 songs and other drills.
  • A 68-page student workbook containing all song-lyrics plus associated written exercises, and
  • A teacher guide, with successions for activities, instructions for grammar games, and answers to the workbook exercises.


Verb Song

Noun Song

Plural Song

Quotation Mark Song

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