Grammar & Diagramming Sentences

Grammar & Diagramming Sentences

Straight Forward English
by Gianni DeVincentis-Hayes, Ph.D.
Publisher: Garlic Press
Consumable Workbook, 102 pages
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For students, parents and teachers, Grammar & Diagramming Sentences offers a straightforward way to teach and test English skills. The book is very thorough and provides lots of diagramming practice in the 3-4 different activities at the end of each chapter and review tests after every other chapter.

Review is not neglected, and there are many diagramming examples throughout the book. An answer key is included, and the author also provides a beginning diagnostic exam and an exit exam/mastery test.

The vocabulary in this book is challenging and the diagramming examples can be fairly involved, so it might be a little difficult for some students who have never done sentence diagramming. We would recommend it for upper middle school to high school level.

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