Grammar Bytes! Inventions

Grammar Bytes! Inventions

by Curt Bumcrot
Publisher: Basic Skills
1st Edition, ©2010, ISBN: 9781888786613
Consumable Workbook, 144 pages
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If there's one thing most kids seem to have trouble picking up and retaining, it's basic grammar facts. Grammar Bytes! were designed for use as supplemental or remedial workbooks for mid- to late-elementary students struggling with the fundamental elements of grammar.

Each of the 21 lessons in the student workbook is three pages and includes a crossword puzzle, a fill-in-the-blank exercise, and a patterned writing exercise in which students write a sentence using the words learned in the lesson. Lessons are built around a popular invention (ranging from bubble gum to frisbees to soda pop), and the fill-in-the-blank exercise doubles as a story about the particular invention's genesis and creation.

At this level, students are simply learning the basic parts of speech. The teacher edition simply includes answers to each exercise in the student workbook, making it easy to grade multiple students' work at once. For younger students this makes good reinforcement; for older kids, the creative approach will help cement the information solidly in place.

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