Grain of Rice

Grain of Rice

by Helena Clare Pittman
Publisher: Yearling
Mass market paperback, 65 pages
List Price: $5.99 Sale Price: $5.09

It takes a clever man to win the hand of a princess . . .

When a humble farmer named Pong Lo asks for the hand of the Emperor's beautiful daughter, the Emperor is enraged. Who ever heard of a peasant marrying a princess? But Pong Lo is wiser than the Emperor knows. And when he concocts a potion that saves the Princess's life, the Emperor gladly offers him any reward he chooses—except the Princess.

Pong Lo makes a surprising request. He asks for a single grain of rice, doubled every day for one hundred days. The baffled Emperor obliges—only to discover that if you're as clever as Pong Lo, you can turn a single grain of rice into all the wealth and happiness in the world!

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Summary: Pong-Lo comes up with a clever plan to win the hand of the princess with a single grain of rice.

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  Good Book
Anna, 6/12/2016
I like this book and loved when the man had millions of rice. It was really good.