Grace to Stand Firm, Grace to Grow

Grace to Stand Firm, Grace to Grow

Light from 1-2 Peter

Light for Your Path
by Carol Ruvolo
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Mass market paperback, 251 pages
Current Retail Price: $11.99

How do we strengthen our witness for Christ? Peter's perspective on grace helped first-century Christians live out their high calling, even amid Satan’s attacks. In thirteen lessons, Carol Ruvolo teaches us how this perspective can do the same for twenty-first century Christians.

Light for Your Pathis a refreshing, illuminating Bible study series for those eager to know God better and love him more. The series features careful handling of Scripture, emphasis on application, a blend of topical and biblical studies, solid Reformed teaching, and exercises for both young believers and those ready to dig deeper.

Part 1: Grace to Stand

  1. The Hope of Salvation
  2. The Joy of Divine Testing
  3. The Shift from Doctrine to Practice
  4. The Attractiveness of God’s People
  5. The Appeal of Free Submission (1)
  6. The Appeal of Free Submission (2)
  7. The Power of a Humble Witness
  8. The Cure for Short-Timer Syndrome
  9. The Team Concept of Humble Servants

Part 2: Grace to Grow

  1. The Key Weapon in the War on God’s Word
  2. The Reminder of Scripture’s Authority
  3. The Danger of Twisted Teaching
  4. The Certainty of God’s Promises
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