Gospel Story Bible

Gospel Story Bible

by Marty Machowski
Publisher: New Growth Press
Hardcover, 328 pages
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The story of the Bible is the story of Jesus and His good news of salvation. In The Gospel Story Bible, Marty Machowski follows the thread of Christ through both the Old and New Testaments (78 stories for each Testament), showing how every aspect of the Scriptural narrative points to Jesus' sacrifice and divine redemption.

Each story is presented in a 2-page spread, complete with colorful, stylized illustrations, the story text, and the Scriptural reference where the story can be found. Machowski writes in simple language, but his stories are full of biblical doctrine and theological truth equally valuable for new and old Christians, young children and adults. The text is probably best suited to 4-7 year olds, but again, believers of any age will benefit from the content.

A "Let's Talk About It!" section at the end of each story provides thought-provoking questions to encourage and facilitate discussion, and to help cement knowledge in place. There is a vaguely Reformed thread through these stories, but a blatantly Christ-centered covenantal approach that no Christian should find issue with.

This is meant to accompany and support Long Story Short and Old Story New, family devotionals also designed to point to Christ throughout the biblical narrative. The Gospel Story Bible is more story-oriented and a bit less in-depth, but it is a phenomenal introduction to the message of Scripture for beginners,as well as a wonderful reminder for those who've loved the Gospel for years.


Review by C. Hollis Crossman
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Summary: The Bible explained for little ones in terms of the Gospel covenant from Genesis to Revelation.

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