Golden Ocean

Golden Ocean

by Patrick O'Brian
Trade Paperback, 285 pages
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Historical Setting: 1740 A.D. Circumnavigation of Globe

The Golden Ocean is a novel written in the 1950s by Patrick O'Brian. It tells the story of a novice midshipman, Peter Palafox, who joins Anson's 1740 circumnavigation of the globe. As with O'Brian's later Aubrey–Maturin series, the book contains a wealth of period detail, a smattering of historical figures including the midshipman Keppel who has a song for every occasion.

The same expedition is described from a different perspective in O'Brian's The Unknown Shore.

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FLAWS: Fighting/violence, language, sexual content
Summary: The adventures of Peter Palafox, an Irish Protestant, who makes his way as a midshipman on a ship circumnavigating the globe.

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