Golden Age

Golden Age

by Kenneth Grahame, Maxfield Parrish (Illustrator)
Publisher: Wordsworth Classics
Mass market paperback, 196 pages
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A joy to read and reread, Kenneth Grahame's story of children is not a book designed purely for young readers. Thoughtful short stories about five endearing and creative siblings growing up in late Victorian England, the charming vignettes gently probe differences between children's and adults' perceptions of the world.

These youngsters are particularly confounded by the actions of adults who they perceive as stiff and colorless, with no vital interests or pursuits, and who lead apparently aimless lives. Young Harold, in sharp contrast, loves to play muffin-man, shaking a noiseless bell while selling invisible confections to imaginary customers. Brother Edward likes to crouch in a ditch where he becomes a grizzly bear and springs out in front of his shrieking brothers and sisters.

Grahame's enchanting reminiscences and inventions, based in part on his own Victorian childhood, are enhanced by the delightful illustrations of renowned American artist Maxfield Parrish. The book is a joyful work that parents will delight in reading along with their children.

Dover unaltered republication of the edition published by John Lane: The Bodley Head, New York and London, 1904. 19 plates of illustrations; 12 line drawings.

Table of Contents:

Prologue: The Olympians
A Holiday
A White-Washed Uncle
Alarums and Excursions
The Finding of the Princess
Sawdust and Sin
"Young Adam Cupid"
The Burglars
A Harvesting
What They Talked About
The Argonauts
The Roman Road
The Secret Drawer
"Exit Tyrannus"
The Blue Room
A Falling Out
"Lusisti Satis"
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