God's Great Covenant OT Book 1

God's Great Covenant OT Book 1

(Genesis to Ruth)

by Claire A. Larsen
Consumable Workbook, 241 pages
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"Everyone loves a story." So begins the first installment of Classical Academic Press's God's Great Covenant series. God's Great Covenant Book One will present and teach the Biblical narrative, from Genesis to Ruth, including the book of Job, at a second grade student's level. The Old testament presents an unfolding narrative of God's (Jehovah's) faithfulness to his people, and the overarching Old testament themes of the promises and power of God will be presented in simple weekly stories. Combined with delightful maps and illustrations, children will truly follow along with God's people and see how he leads them and keeps his promises. Students will also learn how the Old testament stories begin to point us to the coming Savior, Jesus Christ.

The text contains thirty-two chapters, to be completed one per week, and divided into five themed units. Before the week's story, each chapter opens with a Memory Page that includes a weekly memory verse, a Key Facts chart, and vocabulary to remember. A thought-provoking "Who is God?" question will encourage children to consider what they are learning about Him and how to relate to Him in their own lives. Each chapter also contains a worksheet and a quiz. A review chapter at the end of each unit summarizes the material and provides extra puzzles and activities.

A detailed teacher's manual is available separately, containing the entire student text, providing answer keys and additional factual information to expand upon the historical, geographical, cultural, and theological concepts introduced in the text.

Here are the themes as presented in each Unit of Bible for Children, Book One.

Unit I: In the Beginning - God's Power. God, the mighty Elohim, demonstrated His power by speaking creation into existence. He barred sinful man from the garden and judged the wicked world with a catastrophic flood. At the same time the power of His mercy and His redemptive plan secured man's future existence.

Unit II: By the Patriarchs - God's Promises. The Lord God plucked Abram out of the city of Ur and sent him on a journey. Through the covenant the Lord gave Abram (later called Abraham) three promises: to give him a land, to make him the father of many nations, and to bless the world through him. These promises, and God's faithfulness to keep them, form the foundation for the rest of God's story.

Unit III: Out of Egypt - God's Redemption. In God's mind, rescuing Israel from Egypt was more than saving the Israelites from slavery. The Lord God was redeeming Israel from sin and renewing the covenant He had made with Abraham. Despite their sin the Lord desired to dwell with His people and bless them.

Unit IV: Through the Wilderness - God's Provision. In the harshness of the Sinai wilderness the Lord God showed His people that His care for them was perfect. Even though they grumbled, complained, and refused to trust Him, God was completely trustworthy.

Unit V: In the Promised Land - God's Faithfulness. After the glorious conquest of Canaan, Israel entered into the dark years when everyone did "what was right in his own eyes." Even though Israel repeatedly turned from the Lord, He always heard their cries for mercy and delivered them from the oppression of their enemies.

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