God's Great Covenant NT Book 2

God's Great Covenant NT Book 2


by Claire A. Larsen
Consumable Workbook, 241 pages
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The Bible is God’s personal, intimate story of His plan of redemption for His people. It is one story from Genesis to Revelation with one message from God to His people: “I will be your God and you will be My people.” Although the story of redemption reached its climax in the New Testament gospels when Jesus died and rose from the dead, the book of Acts continues the story of Jesus’s ministry through the acts of His apostles. The Book of Acts is the bridge that connects the gospels that tell the story of Jesus’s ministry to the epistles that explain and apply the gospel story.

In God’s Great Covenant New Testament 2: A Bible Course for Children, we follow the spread of the gospel from Jerusalem into all of Judea to the territory of Samaria and finally into the whole world. It’s a story of adventure, misfortune, mighty miracles, and God’s marvelous grace. God’s Great Covenant New Testament 2 teaches children fourth grade and up how God completed His covenant promise to Abraham that “all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

The textbook has five units. An introductory unit that gives the purpose of the book of Acts, short biographies of Acts’ leading men (Luke, Peter, and Paul), and a description of the New Testament world precedes four units that trace the gospel’s spread into the world. Though the epistles are not studied in detail, this text has chapters on the nature of Paul’s letters, problems in the early churches, and a concise description of Paul’s theology.

The Book of Acts is an exciting adventure story, but even more it is the culmination of a beautiful redemption story that began many, many years ago in the Garden of Eden. The Book of Acts is not only a page-turning adventure story, but it is a testament to the faithfulness of our God who makes promises to His people and keeps them.

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