God's Design for the Physical World - Student Book

God's Design for the Physical World - Student Book

by Debbie Lawrence (Author), Richard Lawrence (Author)
Publisher: Master Books
Master Books Edition, ©2018, ISBN: 9781683441311
Softcover Textbook, 300 pages
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Study introductory physics and the mechanisms of heat, machines, and technology with this accessible course.

Machines & Motion: Learn about many fascinating inventions, such as the physical principles behind flight and the advances in communication as you study airplanes, rockets, telephones, computers, and more!

Heat & Energy: Discover many kinds of energy that power our lives. From fossil fuels to nuclear power plants, see how God provides our energy needs and learn the wonders of electricity, magnetism, light, and sound.

Inventions & Technology: Understand simple machines such as levers and inclined planes. Learn about the law of motion. You will enjoy experimenting with friction, racing rollerskate cars, and making pendulums.

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