God's Design for Heaven & Earth - Student Book

God's Design for Heaven & Earth - Student Book

by Debbie Lawrence (Author), Richard Lawrence (Author)
Publisher: Master Books
Master Books Edition, ©2018, ISBN: 9781683441298
Softcover Textbook, 300 pages
List Price: $53.99 Sale Price: $43.19

Explore God’s creation of the land and skies with geology, astronomy, and meteorology.

Our Weather & Water: Study the atmosphere and oceans of Earth. You will discover what weather is, God’s design of the oceans, and how these oceans affect weather systems.

Our Universe: Explore our solar system and the universe. Learn about the planets, Earth’s special design, information about stars and comets, and the space program.

Our Planet Earth: Discover God’s design for our unique planet. Learn about rocks, the Genesis Flood, and the Ice Age, as you study this special place for us to live.

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