God of Sex

God of Sex

How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality

by Peter Jones
Publisher: Victor Books
Hardcover, 239 pages
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Who is the god of sex? Is he or she the object of some new pagan revival . . . some ancient fertility rite with a post-modern twist? Or is the God of the Bible the god of sex? Your answer depends on your view of the world, frankly. And you might actually be surprised at your answer . . . if you examine your own spiritual life a little more closely.

In this thought-provoking and authentic book, neo-paganism expert and theologian Peter Jones is not calling for a restorationof some nostalgic America-of-the-fifties-style sensibility. And neither is the debate about sex merely a conflict between uptight traditionalists and cutting-edge futurists. Rather, Jones presents two views of sexuality that have emerged from two timeless religious options tied to two fundamental worldviews. And the battle of beliefs rages stronger today than it ever did in the days of the Bible's ancient Israel.

God and sex are inextricably related! For the sake of our young people, our churches, our society, and our world, it's imperative that we understand the connection between theology and sexuality.

Exodus Note:This is an excellent, thoroughly biblical book. However, due to the necessarily graphic nature of its content, THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. Jones deals unflinchingly with the psychological, physical, and social dangers of various forms of sexual activity, and while every Christian adult needs to be aware of these things, children should be protected from the often disturbing information.

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