God & Government

God & Government

by Gary DeMar
Hardcover, 798 pages
Price: $35.00

What's the significance of the phrase, "In God We Trust?" Is it merely stamped on our coins, or does it mean something more? Is it the product of wishful thinking or was it part of a plan for reality?

Through extensive research, Gary DeMar has discovered that this was the fundamental premise upon which our forefathers built our nation.

In this book, a compliation of his three-volume series, Gary DeMar introduces you to America's true history, discussing the influence of Christianity upon the founding and development of America. He presents a practical approach to developing a Biblical perspective of the elements of society, challenging us to re-implement the values and priorities that made America great.

For years the God and Government series has been utilized as a curriculum supplement for Christian schools and homeschoolers. Its factual documentation makes it ideal for all Christians seeking to discover America's heritage.

The text isself-teaching with questions, answers, and Bible references.

Part I: A Biblical & Historical Study

Part II: Issues in Biblical Perspective

Part III: The Restoration of the Republic

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