God Gave Wine

God Gave Wine

What the Bible Says About Alcohol

by Kenneth Gentry
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"Do not suppose that abuses are eliminated by destroying the object which is abused. Men can go wrong with wine and women. Shall we then prohibit and abolish women?"
Martin Luther

For the past 200 years Americans have been taught that biblical teaching forbids the drinking of alcoholic beverages. But does it?

In this greatly revised and expanded version of his controversial book, The Christian and Alcoholic Beverages, Kenneth Gentry takes a thorough look at the issue, concluding that Scripture allows wine to be consumed both for health and pleasure—but in moderation.

By careful lexical, exegetical and theological examination, God Gave Wine demonstrates from the Bible the error of those who demand either prohibition or abstention. Gentry shows that wine is God's blessing to man.

Written in a pleasing and irenic style, Gentry's approach avoids the common pitfalls of emotionalism, cultural conditioning and ecclesiastical tradition, while remaining distinctively biblical.

Table of Contents:

  1. Preface


  2. Introductory Matters
  3. The Bible and Alcohol Abuse
  4. The Old testament and Alcohol Use
  5. The New testament and Alcohol Use
  6. Alleged Negative Passages
  7. Bible Teaching on Christian Liberty
  8. Common Objections Considered


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Summary: Provocative essay arguing that it is the duty of Christians to drink wine, and that abstention is a form of disobedience.

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