Gobble It Up!

Gobble It Up!

A Fun song About Eating

by Jim Arnosky
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Library Binding, 32 pages
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Accompanying CD with song performed by Jim Arnosky

If you were a wild raccoon,

You'd hunt at night by the light of the moon.

You'd catch some crawdads where they crawl,

And gobble them up -- shells and all!

From a hungry crocodile's attempt at a meal of wild ducklings, to a shark cruising for schools of fish, to a whale wrestling a wild giant squid; to a panda eating rare bamboo...... While some animals become food–and some get away, readers will delight in seeing what and how different animals eat.

That's the way we all survive

We have to eat to stay alive.

We eat the food we have, and then --

We have to hunt for food again!


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