Global Warming and the Creator's Plan

Global Warming and the Creator's Plan

by William A. Curtis
Publisher: Master Books
Mass market paperback, 169 pages
Current Retail Price: $12.99
God has a clear plan for this earth and its inhabitants, though the media would have you believe the earth is doomed due to global warming. The truth is the earth has always been warming very gradually, and the current rate is insignificant - especially considering the scope of God's ultimate plan for each and every one of us. This book will:

    Reveal that "man-induced global warming" is totally unfounded

    Provide evidence of more record low than high temperatures occurring since 1970

    Take a comprehensive look at popular "solutions" like electric cars, ethanol, wind and solar power, as well as economic considerations

    Combine Old Testament biblical references from the past, scientific data of the present, and biblical prophesy for the future

Unlock the clues to this contemporary controversy and learn to sift unsupported rumor and alarmist rhetoric from verifiable facts on this hot-button issue.

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