Glittering Plain

Glittering Plain

by William Morris (Author)
Trade Paperback, 174 pages
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A generation before J.R.R.Tolkien, William Morris invented the modern heroic fantasy, popularized in Lord of the Rings.

Although he is best known for The Wood Beyond the World, and The Well at World's End, this novel is actually his first heroic fantasy.

The Glittering Plain is the flip side of Morris famous Utopian novel News from Nowhere. Icelandic and epic in style and tone, it tells of a hero named Hallblithe and his saga to a place of eternal life in search for lost love. Not only is she not there, though . . . Hallblithe discovers it is an eternal life without meaning . . . and must escape!

Here is the sweeping and exciting novel of fantasy and enchantment that started it all!

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