Gift from the Mikado

Gift from the Mikado

by Elizabeth P. Fleming
©1958, Item: 49722
Hardcover, 176 pages
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The Poate children--Fred, Ernest, and Daisy--have moved to a town in northern Japan where Americans have never been before. Their new home had once belonged to a Japanese war lord, and the town is full of wonderful surprises and fascinating sights. 

The Poates have brought with them a surprise of their own--a gift from the Mikado, the emporer of Japan. The villagers are impressed by the gift and eager to please the Poates.

There is the Feast of Dolls, where Daisy and her mother see dolls dating back three hundred years, all dressed in beautiful costumes. Fred and Ernest are fascinated by the Festival of Sons, during which every house hangs out a paper carp for each boy in the family as a symbol of his bravery and strength.

There is a happy time, when a bay arrives and the new little sister, Baby-San, receives wonderful gifts from all the Poate's Japanese friends. And there are perilous times, too, when Fred and Ernest visit the cave of an "evil spirit," having a narrow escape from disaster, and help in a daring rescue. 

All these, and many more exciting events make the Poates' life in Japan one continuous adventure. When they finally leave for the United States, they carry with them a treasure of happy times they will never forget...all part of this wonderful true story which will provide a treasure of fun for every young reader.

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