Gift Certificate

Don't know what to give to a friend? Gift certificates from Exodus are a great possibility! Enter your gift certificate amount and it will be added to your shopping cart. A gift certificate can be mailed directly to a friend either through USPS or electronically. Cheers!

Physical Delivery Digital Delivery
Your gift certificate will be printed on fancy paper and mailed to you in an envelope. If you are adding this gift certificate to an order, it will be included in the shipping box. We will e-mail your gift certificate to your billing e-mail address in PDF format. Choose this option if you need it quickly.
Both delivery options are offered at no cost to you.

Gift Certificate Redemption:

If you're trying to redeem a gift certificate, please understand that it is a payment method, NOT a discount code, so you can use it on the same screen you'd normally enter your credit card info. That's step 4 of 4 in our checkout system.

To redeem your gift certificate, enter its unique code. This code can be found in the bottom-left corner, just under the issue date.