Landmark #23
by MacKinlay Kantor, Donald A. McKay (Illustrator)
Publisher: Random House
©1952, Item: 92629
Library Rebind, 189 pages
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On the morning of July 1, 1863, citizens in the sleepy town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, were dismayed to see column after column of gray-clad Confederate soldiers tramping down their streets. From southwest of town came the booming of big guns—Federal troops had arrived and the two armies had clashed! The townspeople quickly closed their windows and locked their doors. Then they hunkered down to wait. For the next three days, Southern troops and Federal calvary struggled in what was to become the bloodiest, saddest engagement of the Civil War.

From his extensive knowledge of the War Between the States, MacKinlay Kantor brings vividly to life this key battle in the War between the States. Much more than an account of advances and retreats, Gettysburg is the story of the men and women who heard the whine of shells and felt the sting of wounds during three horrific days of bloodshed.

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