by Frank A. Haskell, William C. Oates, 2 othersGlenn La Fantasie (Introduction), Paul Andrew Hutton (Editor)
Publisher: Bantam Books
Mass market paperback, 335 pages
List Price: $7.99 Our Price: $6.00

Historical Setting: American Civil War

The Confederate and Union views of the most decisive battle of the war—in one volume.

Gettysburg. In some ways it epitomized the entire war: three hot days in July filled with missed opportunities, great courage, inconsistent leadership, and horrific, relentless carnage. In this rare volume we see the battle from both sides, as experienced by two very different combatants, one Union and the other Confederate. From Little Round Top to Devil's Den to Pickett's Charge, Lt. Frank A. Haskell and Col. William C. Oates, one in meticulous hindsight and the other still feverish with war, re-create three days that changed American history. Here are the momentous decisions of Lee, Longstreet, and Meade. Here are the fatal maneuverings of the forces in the field. And here, in descriptions unmatched in Civil War literature, is all the heartbreak and triumph of Gettysburg.

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