Get the Girl

Get the Girl

How to be the Kind of Man the Kind of Woman You Want to Marry Would Want to Marry

by Douglas Wilson
Publisher: Canon Press
Trade Paperback, 122 pages
Price: $15.95

“The ‘manosphere’ online is filled with a certain kind of red-pilled bitterness which, when it is coupled with evolutionary and materialistic assumptions, produces an odd mix of appalling selfishness and cynicism (and reductionism with regard to sex) coupled with common grace insights that you would never hear from an evangelical beta-preacher.” ~ from the book

Douglas Wilson writes to a young man on how he should pursue a woman. Feminism has catechized us in many lies about what makes the sexes attracted to each other, and evangelical pastors have often only reinforced those lies with platitudes about servant-leadership (heavy on the servant, light on the leadership). When they find out that being a doormat doesn’t attract anyone, young men often rebound to the secular manosphere. Douglas Wilson offers his own commonsense advice, sharp-edged and thoroughly biblical, not just on how to be the kind of man who attracts the right woman, but how to be the kind of man that keeps her.

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