Get Ready for the Code Book A

Get Ready for the Code Book A

by Nancy J. Hall
2nd Edition, ©2016, ISBN: 9780838878194
Consumable Workbook, 78 pages
Price: $9.35

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Get Ready for The Code Book A works with basic motor skills, teaches beginning letter recognition and prepares students for reading and writing through letter formation, phonemic awareness activities, and sound-letter correspondence. Working with Get Set (Book B) and Go (Book C) to teach all of the consonants of the alphabet, Get Ready for the Code introduces students to initial letters b, f, k, m, r, and t.

This revised version includes new exercises that reinforce the skills taught. Please note that the Teacher's Guide is necessary if you wish to use the listening exercises.

Skills Addressed:

  • Consonant Sounds (b, f, k, m, r, t)
  • Letter formation
  • Fine-motor skills including left-to-right tracking
  • Phonemic awareness
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