Geronimo: The Last Apache War Chief

Geronimo: The Last Apache War Chief

by Edgar Wyatt, Allan Houser (Illustrator)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
©1967, Item: 90510
Hardcover, 188 pages
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Geronimo—everyone has heard this name, but few people really know anything about the dramatic life of this famous and feared Apache.

Here at last is the fast-moving, completely authenticated story of the Indian who fought the United States for forty years, and then rode down Pennsylvania Avenue triumphantly in Theodore Roosevelt's inauguration parade.

Geronimo's biography reveals the intimate details of tribal life, his stern training as a boy, the customs, dances, feasts and celebrations of the Apache and the terrifying battle in which Geronimo was given his legendary name and was elected leader by the surviving Apache braves.

Phyllis Fenner, nationally known children's librarian, says: "GERONIMO is really a very exciting story. The author writes smoothly, with no waste words and with an eye to the dramatic." The unusual illustrations were made by Allan Houser, an Apache artist whose father was Geronimo's interpreter.

—Publisher's Description

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