George Washington

George Washington

Leader of the People

by Clara Ingram Judson, Robert Frankenberg (Illustrator)
Publisher: Follett
©1951, Item: 64294
Hardcover, 224 pages
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The rhythmic sound of hoofbeats came from far down the lane leading to the main road to Fredericksburg.
"It's Lawrence!" George cried, excitedly. "Lawrence is coming!"
George threw himself on his pony and dashed off down the lane to meet Lawrence...

So the story opens, with a visit to Ferry farm by Lawrence Washington eight-year-old George's beloved half-brother and hero.

Tall, strong, hot-tempered George is a real boy in this new biography, with a real boy's interests and zest for adventure. The author visited the farm by the Rappahannock where George lived as a boy; she has drawn a vivid picture of his background and has made the boy himself live again in her book.

Here is a human and appealing story of the sandy-haired lad who went to Reverend Marye's school, the young surveyor, the burgess, the commander in chief, the President.

Here, too, is the farmer, the husband, the father, the man who loved his family, his home, and his acres as dearly as he loved his country.

—from the dust jacket

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