George Washington

George Washington

The Character and Influence of One Man

by Verna Hall
©1999, Item: 3411
Library Binding, 480 pages
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Historical Setting: Virginia, Late 18th Century

What topic could have more immediate application than a book that chronicles the character of Christian leadership so desperately needed in our nation? Verna Hall said, "The battle today is for men's hearts and souls. It is not a battle for men's minds. The mind will believe what the heart accepts. The battle can be won only in the conscience, the character, and the life of the individual American." She spent years of her life compiling from his own writings the detailed record of the most admired and upright man in America. The publisher spent five years editing, polishing, and producing this volume as the second in the Christian History of the American Revolution series. It is richly illustrated, indexed, and bound in gold-stamped vellum.

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