Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding - DVD

Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding - DVD

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Geometry is the subject where art, truth, logic, and math are 100% integrated. However, the methods by which we often teach geometry are very rigorous in terms of proofs and abstract mathematical concepts. The result is many people remember geometry as a course which we never figured out how it applied to real life. Others are left with a strong dislike for mathematics. Furthermore, since much of the traditional geometry does not involve much algebra, students often flow into algebra II with trigonometry (or pre calculus) with one or more years of separation between their last exposure to algebra.

This DVD set includes approximately 12 hours of video following the textbook (which must be purchased separately).

About the Product:

When the Callahans were asked to develop a geometry course they decided to go after a course that students could enjoy and which prepares students with a firm understanding, shows the relevance of geometry in art, architecture, nature, and the world around them, continually reviews the concepts of algebra, covers the history of geometry and its relevance to today, and demonstrates the linkage of geometry to logic, philosophy, and the nature of truth.

In this course they have attempted to find a textbook that is both solid in its treatment of geometry as well as filled with applications of the subject. They found two textbooks which accomplished this goal. However, one of them they felt went to great lengths to deny Christ and was therefore rejected.

Worldview Analysis:

Geometry deals with the issue of truth. Much of what we know of as logic stems from the study of geometry—and therefore of philosophy and in particular epistemology. While the textbook rarely delves too deeply into these topics, the other material (including the DVDs) will introduce these issues as they apply to truth and apologetics.

Applied Math:

The text covers many applications of geometry in everyday life. Almost every example and problem deals with a geometrical application—even those problems that deal in proofs.

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