Geography - Student Text (really old)

Geography - Student Text (really old)

2nd Edition, ©1998, Publisher Catalog #113142
Hardcover, 662 pages
Current Retail Price: $39.00

As a clearance title, THIS BOOK IS NOT RETURNABLE AND IS SOLD AS-IS (flaws, highlighting, torn covers and all). Please remember that you can purchase as many books as you like and have them all shipped for one low price of $4.95.

Take a tour of eight culture regions and 184 countries while studying the earth, its people, and its resources as God created them. Lessons emphasize the principles of geography and have a strong biblical basis. Geography skills and principles are introduced in the first five chapters of the book and then reinforced through a survey of American and world geography. The attractive text contains over 180 maps and 300 photographs are included in this book, but in order to fit in the book, the maps are small. The optional Geography Map Exercises packet includes 40 maps for serious map work.

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