Generations with Vision

Kevin Swanson is an educator (and an Orthodox Presbyterian pastor). If you immediately think of a guy blabbing in front of a bunch of students about Rome or neutrons, however, you've got the wrong idea—the content of Swanson's message is the Bible as God's Word. For him, academics are subservient to growing in the knowledge of Christ, and growing in faith is the real reason we pursue academic studies at all.

Following the lead of Francis Schaeffer, the folks at Generations with Vision (Swanson's organization) are intent on disseminating a thoroughly Christian worldview while establishing real, meaningful relationships both between Christians and with the world at large. The Bible is seen as the foundational and sustaining source of knowledge for Christians; as a result, you won't find science textbooks, grammar guides, or volumes of history in their catalog, just books helping you better understand the Word of God and the writings of His saints.

A special emphasis is placed on the relationship of parents to their children, particularly the way children are taught and raised according to the principles of Scripture. Swanson's Bible study guides are designed to help parents lead family worship, as well as to aid families in the often difficult work of self-examination and repentance.

The Christian Classics Study Guides focus on works by famous saints, like St. Augustine, John Bunyan, John Calvin, St. Patrick, etc. While Swanson doesn't deny our kids should read secular works (at least, the ones worth reading), he stresses that they need to first be steeped in the Word of God, as well as the writings of Christian men who really understood the Gospel message. He makes it clear that such books should in no way replace Bible study, but that they are invaluable resources for getting a better grasp of it.

Each book available from Generations with Vision is easy to understand and implement, clearly written, and Christ-centered. Kevin Swanson's fervency for the Gospel and our need to pass a strong faith on to our children is compelling and infectious. His case is true: Christian parents do need to privilege study of the Bible over other academic pursuits, no matter what the State says. He has made it his life's work to prepare and help as many as he can in just that task.

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Book of Proverbs Book III
by Kevin Swanson
from Generations with Vision
for 4th-10th grade
in Bible Studies for Families (Location: XBI-FAM)
Book of Psalms Book I
by Kevin Swanson
1st edition from Generations with Vision
for 4th-10th grade
in Bible Studies for Families (Location: XBI-FAM)
Great Christian Classics - Volume I
by Kevin Swanson
2nd edition from Generations with Vision
for 9th-12th grade
in Classical Literature Guides (Location: LIR-CLA)