General George Patton

General George Patton

Old Blood & Guts

Sterling Point Books
by Alden Hatch
Trade Paperback, 193 pages
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Historical Setting: Europe, World War II

The greatest—and most controversial—field commander in American history with his genius for tank warfare, General George Patton stormed across Europe and drove into the heart of Nazi Germany.

Standing before his men with four rows of battle ribbons on his jacket, spurs on his cavalry boots, and his ivory-handled revolvers strapped around his waist, General George Patton was an imposing figure—and that was his intention. He would always be in front of his men and they would know it.

He was supremely confident in his own ability and often irritated his commanding officers. Nevertheless, the accomplished the impossible, not once but many times.

Patton was loved by his troops and feared by the enemy. With his fierce determination, he is considered one of the greatest military figures in history.

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