Funny Thing

Funny Thing

by Wanda Gag
Hardcover, 32 pages
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Originally published in 1928

Bobo was a good little man who lived in the mountains and fed all of the animals who lived nearby.

He had nut cakes for the fuzzy tailed squirrels.

He had seed puddings for the pretty fluttering birds.

He had cabbage salads for the long-eared rabbits.

He had ting cheeses–no bigger than cherries–and these were for the little mice.

But one day, Bobo came upon a funny- looking animal that wasn't a squirrel, or a bird, or a rabbit, or a mouse. It was a Funny Thing, who called himself not an animal, but an aminal. The Funny Thing would not eat the nut cakes, nor the seed puddings, nor the cabbage salads, nor even the tiny cheeses.

When Bobo finds out what the Funny Thing does like, he knows he has to find a a new kind of food for this aminal to eat.

–From the dust jacket

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