Fundamentals of Literature - Student Textbook

Fundamentals of Literature - Student Textbook

by Donna Lynn Hess
2nd Edition, ©2018, Publisher Catalog #514042
Softcover Textbook, 544 pages
Price: $62.78

Fundamentals of Literature Student Text (2nd ed.) conveys the literature's foundational elements of conflict, character, theme, point of view, structure and tone. Students are also introduced to literary criticism and are encouraged to read and analyze literature in light of a Christian worldview. The literature selections are delivered in an attractive new format accompanied by rich illustrations, author biographies, and application questions that promote critical thinking skills.

The second edition has a revised table of contents, with the fourth and fifth units (point of view and structure) being swapped. Many stories have been retained, but there are a number of changes, including a notable removal of a Sherlock Holmes story and inclusion of a passage fron Don Quixote. But the main differences are in the rewritten unit introductions and the new "Thinking Zones," which usually develop a concept being introduced in the unit. These are very helpful and have no parallel in the first edition. While the questions are not completely (or even mostly) changed, they do seem to ask for more critical thinking and often better apply to the subject of the unit.

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  Fundamentals of Literature
Emily G. of USA, 1/19/2011
If I had to give a one word summary of Bob Jone University Press' jr.high/highschool literature program, I would describe it as excellent. I have had the privelage of using BJU's literature since 7th grade and have loved it. The literature book is not a school subject-it is a pleasure.

I used "Fundamentals of Literature" last year while in 9th grade, and greatly enjoyed the short stories and poems that the book contained. If you are looking for a way to expose your new high-school student to great literature, "Fundamentals of Literature" is the way to go!