Frontier Wolf

Frontier Wolf

by Rosemary Sutcliff
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
1st Edition, ©1981, ISBN: 9780525302605
Hardcover, 196 pages
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Historical Setting: Britain, 4th century AD

When the Roman fort of the Danube was attacked by barbarians—and its superior officers were killed—23-year-old Centurion Alexios Flavius Aquila was left in command. And when he decided to abandon it, against all standing orders, things ended in disaster.

His new assignment seemed the worst possible one: to lead the Frontier Wolves, a band of native British warriors on the wild fringes of the Empire. They were tough and ruthless—and wary of outsiders.

It was up to Alexios to prove himself, not only to the Wolves but to the local Clan. And becoming a true Frontier Wolf, especially in the midst of sudden tragedy, was to be the most difficult—and frightening—challenge of his career.

Rosemary Sutcliff's newest saga, set in fourth century Britain, is absorbing and exciting adventure—and a most distinguished addition to her canon of historical novels.

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