Front Porch History

Front Porch History

Researching and Telling Your Family's Stories

by Tammy Cardwell
Publisher: Greenleaf Press
Softcover, 74 pages
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Family heritage is an anchor, a link between present and past that helps each of us to realize we are special—unique—and assists us in defining who we are. Seeking this heritage in the form of family stories and genealogy draws family members closer together. It also gives us, as individuals, that extra something that encourages us to stand a little straighter, more certain that we have worth. The author learned these truths as she was researching and sharing her own family's heritage in her hand-published book entitled "Yesterday." When an excited friend insisted that other families should hear about it and have the chance to accomplish the same, Front Porch History was born.

This book will not only walk you through each step the author took in collecting and sharing her family stories, but will take you even further as she talks about things she has learned and ideas she has had since her family book's publication. Come on out into the cool of the evening; don't be shy. With the author's gentle guidelines, discovering your family's heritage is as easy as sitting on the front porch.

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