From Wonder to Mastery

From Wonder to Mastery

A Transformative Model for Science Education

by John D. Mays, Charles T. Evans (Foreword)
Publisher: Novare
Trade Paperback, 281 pages
Price: $19.95
“Mastery is not just for the brightest students at the top of the class. The joy we feel in teaching is perhaps at its height when ordinary kids—those who normally float through year after year with minimal gains in what they know—suddenly experience the thrill of genuine achievement.—John Mays

Science education is in need of transformation, and the unique treatment detailed in From Wonder to Mastery is the place to start. In this book, Novare Science founder John D. Mays presents a powerful mastery-learning model that has been proven to dramatically improve student learning in science. Drawing on more than two decades in the classroom and a previous career in engineering, John has developed the unique approach to science education based on mastery learning that leads to long-term retention that has been developed and honed through the Novare Science curricula.

Designed for teachers, parents, and administrators, From Wonder to Mastery contains all the vital content from Teaching Science So That Students Learn Science, John’s original guide to the Novare pedagogical philosophy. This new text also offers a wealth of additional content, as well as an analysis of the research and literature on mastery learning.

From Wonder to Mastery begins with a focus on the need to foster a sense of wonder and a kingdom perspective in the classroom, and then goes on to explore how mastery learning can be supported through the 4 essential areas of integration with science: epistemology, mathematics, history, and language. The final 5 chapters describe John’s mastery-learning model in detail.

This book is an excellent resource for professional development, and an essential read for science teachers and administrators who want to build a premier science program at their school. Homeschoolers will also benefit by discovering how the mastery-learning model will propel their children toward greater proficiency and long-term retention.

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