Frog Thing with Dramatized Audio CD

Frog Thing with Dramatized Audio CD

by Eric Drachman, James Muscarello (Illustrator)
Publisher: Kidwick Books
Hardcover, 30 pages
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Frank wasn't satisfied doing ordinary "frog things."

He wanted to fly. But he was a frog. And frogs can't fly. Flying is, after all, a "bird thing."

Follow along as Frank jumps and runs and leaps and dives and flaps and flaps and flaps... ...until he finally finds his place in the pond.


will transport you and your child into Frank's world with sound effects and wonderful performances by children and adults.

The dramatic storytelling is narrated by the author and features his young nephew. Benjamin Drachman, among other delightful voices! (Audible page turns help your children follow along as they learn to read.)

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