Frog and Toad Are Friends

Frog and Toad Are Friends

An I Can Read Book Level 2 (Reading with Help)
by Arnold Lobel
Publisher: HarperCollins
Mass market paperback, 64 pages
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Frog and Toad agreed: it was a perfect day for a swim. And Frog was kind enough not to look at Toad in his bathing suit, per Toad's request. But when the swimming was over, a crowd had gathered to see Toad in his funny-looking suit, and neither Frog nor Toad could make them leave.

The endearing pair hop along through five enchanting stories, looking for lost buttons, greeting the spring, and waiting for mail. Their genuine care for each other makes Frog and Toad two of the finest amphibious role models around. Young readers will chuckle with Frog as they watch Toad's silly efforts to make up a story. And they will applaud Toad as he finally wakes up after hibernating all winter. The fifth story will warm the hearts of any would-be pen pal—or anyone who has ever known what it's like to have a true-blue (or green) friend.

Arnold Lobel's comfortable brown and green illustrations invite and delight every reader, setting the tone for warm, funny stories about friendship.

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Summary: Good friends Frog and Toad go swimming, welcome spring, and wait for the mail.

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  Frog and Toad Are Friends
Keaton - age 8 of Tennessee, 6/10/2016
I liked this story because it was long and the words were easy to read, and it was a fun book to read. My favorite chapter was the one called The Story, because it was funny.
  Charming Book With A Taste of Yesteryear
Albanyaloe of South Africa, 5/7/2012
This is a really charming little book, for those not offended by talking animals. It has the gentle style of days gone by, when time moved more slowly, and friends were important. The little yarn will appeal to children, first, the book can be used as a read-aloud, and then, as an early reader. As it is part of the "I can read" series, it is easy to see when your child will be able to manage it alone. Look out for other I can read titles!