Friend for Rachel

Friend for Rachel

by M. I. McAllister
Publisher: Purple House Press
Print-on-demand paperback, 132 pages
List Price: $13.99 Sale Price: $11.89

"Now I've done it," the mouse thought, looking straight at her. "I've really done it, this time."

It really is happening, thought Rachel. Things that only happen in stories can happen to me. Anything can happen, because this mouse is talking.

The St. Michael's Mice are no ordinary mice, but it takes Rachel a while to find out just how wonderful they are. When Rachel's father moves to a new church, so much goes wrong that sometimes Rachel doesn't think things will ever work out. Rachel is lonely; her father is having a difficult time; and her mother is unwell. But when the mice appear, Rachel finds she has a marvelous, incredible secret to keep. Plus a mystery to solve, which only she can.

Rachel wants to do the special task that the mice have for her, and she really wants a friend. A new best friend.

The first book written by the author of The Mistmantle Chronicles, M.I. McAllister.

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