French for Children Primer A - DVDs

French for Children Primer A - DVDs

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Did you know that many of the world’s classics were written in French? Consider Les Misérables (Victor Hugo), The Count of Monte Cristo (Alexandre Dumas), The Stranger (Albert Camus), The Phantom of the Opera (Gaston Leroux), The Essays of Montaigne (Michel de Montaigne), The Social Contract (Jean-Jacques Rousseau), and Pensées (Blaise Pascal) to name but a few.

French is a widely spoken language. You’ll hear it spoken in France, of course, but it is also spoken in Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, and Canada, as well as many African countries, such as Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Tunisia, and Morocco. In fact, French is the native language of, or regularly used in, more than thirty-five countries around the world.

This classical, beautiful, and widely spoken language will be a treasure for children to learn. There is a distinction, however, between just learning common words and phrases, which is the approach of many French programs, and knowing the language well enough to communicate fluently and accurately. French for Children Primer A teaches elementary students in grade four and up this dynamic language, both classically and creatively, at a time when students soak up language like a sponge. This book employs the pedagogy and structure of our popular Latin for Children series combined with immersion-style dialogues and vocabulary so that the French language will be taught well and thoroughly. The French for Children series emphasizes grammar and the parts of speech as vital tools for correctly speaking and understanding French. The text also uses lively chants to aid memorization of both grammar and vocabulary.

  • 17 weekly chapters, including 3 review chapters and an end-of-book review 153 commonly used vocabulary words and 43 conversational words and phrases Learn grammatical concepts, such as verb conjugation, tense, and noun gender Weekly worksheets and quizzes All teaching and explanation written in the student book, at the student’s level Engaging and conversational Lively chants of vocabulary and grammar available on CD or downloadable audio files The first text in a three-year series Answer Key available separately
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