French and Indian War (1754-1763)

The French and Indian War was the nine-year North American chapter of the Seven Years' War. The conflict resulted in the British acquiring Canada, while Spain gained Louisiana (New France) in compensation for its loss of Florida to the British. French administrative presence in North America was almost completely removed and the Aboriginal people of North America were decimated, pacified, or moved farther west.

Although some scholars generally refer to all facets of the conflict as the Seven Years' War, the conflict is traditionally referred to as the French and Indian War in the United States, as it is seen from the perspective of British American forces fighting against French forces and their Algonquin and Huron allies in North America. (British and British American forces had allied with the Iroquois.) In Britain, France, and Canada, the designation French and Indian War is nearly unknown: English Canada, France, and Britain typically refer to the war as the Seven Years' War (1756—1763), dating the war not from the start of actual fighting in North America, but rather from the official declaration of war in Europe. Quebecers refer to it both as la Guerre des sept ans and the Guerre de la conquête (War of the Conquest) since it is the war in which New France was conquered by the British and became part of the British Empire. Because of Quebec provincial regulations on Canada-Quebec history curriculum in high school, Anglo-Quebecers also refer to it as The War of the Conquest. In Ontario, it is now increasingly also referred to as "The War of the Conquest," or just "The Conquest." In Britain, it is simply regarded as the most important theatre of the Seven Years' War.

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