Freedom, Justice, and Hope

Freedom, Justice, and Hope

Toward a Strategy for the Poor and the Oppressed

by Marvin Olasky (Editor), Herbert Schlossberg
Publisher: Crossway Books
Trade Paperback, 171 pages
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In a world plagued by disease, oppression, and chronic poverty, Christians are moved to reach out to the suffering. But what can we really do to help?

In the spring of 1987, a group of 40 evangelical Christians from around the world gathered at Villars, Switzerland, to address this question under the theme: "Biblical Mandates for Relief and Development." The immediate results of the consultation are the "Villars Statement" (included in Chapter 8), and this book.

Freedom, Justice, and Hope seeks to present the Biblical worldview and essential principles for effective work in relief and development. It exposes the tragic failure of "Liberation Theology," social engineering, and utopian ideology. But beyond this, it points to practical solutions that will change lives and cultures at the deepest level—through the transforming power of the gospel—and give practical assistance to those in need.

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