Free Grace and Dying Love

Free Grace and Dying Love

Morning Devotions with the Life of Susannah Spurgeon

by Susannah Spurgeon, Charles Ray
Trade Paperback, 256 pages
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Mrs. Spurgeon's A Carillon of Bells consists of twenty-four daily meditations on selected texts of Scripture. Full of spiritual devotion to Christ, her words ring out 'the old truths of free grace and dying love' on every page.

The Life of Susannah Spurgeon by Charles Ray is an affectionate love story that also supplies a record of the work of Mrs. Spurgeon's Book Fund. Many thousands of pastors, preachers, and missionaries were generously helped through this agency. Susannah Spurgeon's life is also a testimony to the all-sufficient grace of God - in the midst of a debilitating chronic illness she was enabled to do a great work for God. Her inspiring example continues to bear fruit to this day in the work of the Banner of Truth Trust Book Fund.

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