by Gene Stratton-Porter
Trade Paperback, 352 pages
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Gene Stratton-Porter's first success, this book gained even greater popularity after the publication of its sequel, A Girl of the Limberlost. In Freckles a homeless waif finds deliverance in the primeval Limberlost swamp. Maimed and abandoned as an infant, Freckles seeks a chance to prove his worth. When he gets a job watching Mr. McLean's valuable Limberlost timber, he is given that opportunity. In his stewardship of the woods, he finds happiness in the companionship of the birds and other wild creatures and in the love of the beautiful Swamp Angel. This moving story of courage and virtue will warm the hearts of young and old.

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FLAWS: Violence
Summary: Freckles finds work, belonging, and love in the Limberlost swamp.

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  Limberlost Guard
Leah of Oregon, 10/16/2008
If you love nature, or even if you don't, this book is for you! Freckles, an orphan, is named for the spots on his face. He has escaped an abusive home and finds a job guarding some valuable trees in the limberlost. A job that will test his bravery, strength, diligence and honor. With an Irish accent and a missing hand he has questions about where he came from and he fights with bitterness over being abandoned. He meets and immediately loves the "Angel" as he names her. She is beautiful, praiseworthy...and the only daughter of a wealthy banker. Freckles knows that he is unworthy of her, but they become good friends. Then a tragedy occurs which threatens Freckles' life. His "Angel" sets out to find the answer to his past...and the key to a future. I love this book! The author is very discriptive about the nature that surrounds the story, and the characters are so lovable. Instead of a historical novel this is more a nature/science novel. If you missed Freckles when you were growing up, you'll still love it as an adult.