Frazz: Live at Bryson Elementary

Frazz: Live at Bryson Elementary

by Jef Mallett
Publisher: Andrews and McMeel
Trade Paperback, 128 pages
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If the world is best seen through the eyes of a child, best understood through the mind of a reader, best interpreted through the voice of a musician, and best felt through the body of an athlete . . . then it's best laughed at through Frazz, the custodian of Bryson Elementary School. Frazz took the janitor gig to support a struggling songwriting career, but he just couldn't quit once he hit it big. He loved the kids, he loved the atmosphere, and by that time he had the hots for one particular first-grade teacher.

So he happily sweeps through school and life, challenging students, sparring with crabby teachers and supporting good ones, racing triathlons, and trying all things new. He's a breath of fresh air with a can of industrial-strength deodorizer. Frazz has been making readers laugh, think, and run for the dictionary since its debut in 2001. Catch it from the first strip on in Frazz: Live at Bryson Elementary.

Sample Strips:

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Sample strips courtesy of This book includes strips from 4/02/2001 to 1/06/2002.

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